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Creative Aluvision Experts: Key Takeaways from Aluvision’s Expert Days

Aluvision LED training

We believe in not only investing in products, but also in our people; that’s why we sent our team to Aluvision HQ in Belgium to take part in Aluvision’s Expert Days.

We wanted our staff to experience the Creative Hi-LED 55 range first hand at the place where Aluvision’s creative genuis stems from and bring back an unshakeable passion for the products to share with colleagues and clients.

Why Aluvision?

As one of Aluvision’s leading AV partners, we made our largest ever AV investment in Aluvision this year – purchasing over 200 SQM of Aluvision’s latest Hi-LED 55 Creative LED.

The purchase was a game-changer and is leading the digital design revolution, enabling us to bring the most creative LED designs to our clients with the finest pitch, seamless high-quality finish and quick installation.

Boosting our knowledge and expertise

With decades of LED experience, our team already had a firm grasp on LED processes, structures and delivery, and regularly get involved in building large-scale LED walls, cubes and more, but in order to truly understand the benefits and boost their own knowledge of the Creative Aluvision range our team of project managers, technicians, account managers, technical managers and our innovation architect needed to immerse themselves in the products.

They came back advocates for the unique range of LED and all of the benefits we can now offer our clients – from creative display design ideas to quick and pain-free installation without compromising on quality. Here’s just some of the benefits our team are excited about:

1. Easy Installation: Building Creative Aluvision

The Aluvision Expert Days gave our team a deeper insight into how the new 2.5mm panels can work seamlessly when combined to create archways, cubes, boxed rooms and more. The Hi-LED 55 creative LED products are easy to install with bespoke locking mechanisms that enable the products to sit flush without any imperfections. Not only this, but we can build these incredibly creative LED designs with much shorter build times and less complex rigging structures, saving time and money.

2. SketchUp for Stand Designers: How to Add LED Tiles

Did you know you can add the Hi-LED 55 products into your stand design by installing the Aluvision SketchUp extension? Drag and drop the Aluvision LED assets, including curve, edge, corner, flat and floor panels into your design to get an idea of how your LED display will look and where it will sit. Our CAD design team can also help you to integrate the Creative Aluvision range down to the finest detail, to ensure every technical requirement has been considered.

3. The LED Showroom: Getting Inspired

Aluvision’s impressive LED showroom gave our team an even greater insight into the creative ways to use the Hi-LED 55 range. The team took part in building large cubed designs, archways and tunnels using only the Creative Aluvision LED products. They were blown away by the endless ideas, which can be used in the Aluvision framework or as a standalone design.

4. Floor-to-Ceiling Designs: A Seamless Finish

All of the Hi-LED 55 products feature a 2.5mm pixel pitch, so they can be combined to create seamless floor-to-ceiling designs such as walk-in cubes, LED rooms and L-shaped displays. The 2.5mm LED floor product is the highest resolution LED floor on the market and is one of the most exciting products for our team, who have been involved in refining the bespoke flooring system to work for our clients, which is at the cutting-edge of manufacturing.  

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