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Samsung Gear Virtual Reality at Parkex 2016

  • virtual reality using the samsung gear
  • virtual reality live stream to LED

Smart AV was delighted to be approached by Makers to work with them at Parkex 2016 held in the Rioch Arena. Having worked with Smart AV previously, Makers were already familiar with the LED offering and wanted to push the boundaries to see what was possible within a relatively small footprint of 5m x 3m to ensure maximum footfall.

The client wanted to give the attendees an “experience” which would promote the fact they “deliver carparks out of this world”. From here, the idea was to incorporate a VR experience as the key hook for the stand. We worked very closely with their software partner who fully embraced the VR element and provided us with working content for pre-show testing which took place in our 40,000 sq ft office.


Using very simple and accessible technology (Samsung S7 phone and the Samsung Gear VR Headset) we gave them the ability to show a true VR experience on a 3mtr x 2.5mtr high-resolution LED wall. The client ran this feature as a competition and we were able to relay the experience onto the main LED wall to act as a main attractor. Due to the high resolution of the screen this also showed off the client’s offering at close range.

The whole stand was a custom build using our Octonorm framework which housed the LED screen from floor to ceiling and also acted as a skeleton for the client to attach their own custom graphics too. We provided a back of house environment where all the control equipment was hidden away and a space where our technician could operate from.


The detail and diligence by which the client approached this project was fantastic to see. Every element was considered to ensure the overall look and experience on the stand was memorable, even down to the height, size and colour of the chair for the VR experience.

The client also went the extra mile and all the staff were given their own personalised outfits all helping to create a very strong brand experience for Makers.

The stand was a huge success and at times the demand to use the VR was overwhelming.

This is a very progressive client who are already thinking of how to improve and push the technological boundaries for next year’s event, something which we are keen to continue to support.

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