Outdoor 5.9mm LED Wall

Smart AV is an expert in high-clarity outdoor LED wall solutions, having provided hundreds of screens to Exhibitions, Events, Roadshows, Festivals, and Airshows over our ten years in the industry.

Outdoor LED Walls are fast becoming one of the most innovative and dynamic ways to display content, advertising, videos and live feeds around your event concourse. We own over 80sq meters of high-quality outdoor LED, comprised of a modular system that is ideal for any outdoor event that requires a large screen to bring impact. Due to owning such a large fleet of outdoor LED, we are able to custom-build the right outdoor LED wall design to suit your specific event, festival, conference or roadshow with solutions to fit all requirements and budgets.

Curved and straight outdoor LED solutions

Our 5.9mm LED can be made into any screen dimension and is curveable, in both convex and concave formations, up to 15° on each angle. This creates a dynamic vision, that will ensure your event content is shown off to full effect, in a way that is fresh and engaging, with maximum focus on sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

Benefits of the Smart AV 5.9mm outdoor LED Walls

Modular system for super-fast
build and smooth installation

Smart design – a much more compact solution that is fanless, making it quiet to operate at events of any size

High resolution of 5.9mm meaning that the screen can be viewed in perfect clarity, even from a short distance and in bright lighting conditions.

In-house content production services, helping you to create live feeds, advertising and broadcast solutions if and when required

Robust panels that can withstand outdoor
conditions, even over an extended period of time

Always-on support, offering immediate
onsite help, advice and account management
from start to finish

Smart AV Outdoor LED

We pride ourselves on the quality of our LED, which is why we have it custom-made by longstanding suppliers who we know and trust, following each step of the journey from production until the day it arrives in our warehouse. This means that when you hire LED walls from us, you can be sure of its quality and durability above all us. Paired with the technical expertise of our team, Smart AV outdoor LED is an innovative solution that will make your message stand out.

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