3.9mm Indoor LED Displays

LED is one of the latest innovations on the audiovisual rental market, due to its sharp clarity and ability to make an impact.

Because in an enclosed event environment, grabbing attention in an instant is what really makes a difference to the success of your event. Indoor LED can be used within an exhibition stand, event space or even to create a completely interactive conference backdrop by using LED as the focal point of your set.

Smart AV first invested in this type of HD LED technology back in 2010 and since then, our fleet has evolved into the 200sq. metres of high-quality LED that we own today. Our LED has a pixel-pitch of just 3.9mm so the picture remains sharp even from a short distance, making it ideal for an event setting where visitors are often located in close proximity to the screen. As a series of tiles, the LED can be assembled to build large video walls of any size, used to display branded content, videos, presentations and images. Infact, if you put all of ours together it would be big enough to cover the entire pitch at Wembley Football Stadium….and some.

Now that’s a lot of LED.

It’s also lightweight, with cabinets specifically designed for easy assembly and a single cable for both power and signal.

Unlike traditional LED, these features make it quick to install, saving time & money. Our team has years of experience using LED in innovative ways & we can help you to incorporate this latest technology with the right content, in order to provide your audience with a brand new event experience. Want to learn more? Talk to one of our LED specialists today.

Key Indoor LED Features

Super High-Resolution

A pixel pitch of just 3.9mm with ultra-bright display for HD and ultra-HD content

Convenient and Lightweight

Easy to install and turnaround in an event or exhibition environment

Wide Viewing Angle

To ensure that the screen can be easily viewed from any angle, without any shado

Variable Refresh Rate

Between 1000Hz – 2500Hz, ensuring that the technology is suitable for any type of picture content

3.9mm Indoor LED Display Product Range