LED screen hire for your events

3.9mm LED screen hire

High-resolution, indoor screens, fanless, lightweight design

 Best for: conferences, exhibition stands, events, pop-ups, fashion shows, retail, PoS, visual merchandising, digital sets, corporate parties

5.9mm outdoor LED screen hire

High-resolution, indoor and outdoor screens, IP65 rated panels, weather-proof, lightweight design

 Best for: outdoor events, mobile screen hire, festivals, pop-ups, secret cinema, retail environments, concerts

Smart-edge LED
screen hire

High-resolution, right-angled and cubed formations, indoor screens, fanless, lightweight design

 Best for: experiential events, retail, exhibitions, pop-ups, brand activation campaigns, product launches

Creative curve indoor and
outdoor LED screen hire

Curveable up to five degrees on each angle, convex and concave formations, for indoor and outdoor use, fanless, lightweight design

 Best for: experiential events, festivals, brand activation campaigns, exhibitions, stand displays, conferences, digital sets, launch campaigns

3.9mm Smart CURVE LED

High-resolution, curved display in both convex and concave,
indoor screens, fanless, lightweight design

 Best for: exhibition experiences, pop-ups, flown displays, video banners, displayboards, digital sets

With over 600 square metres of the latest high-resolution LED to hire for your events, exhibitions and conferences, you can be confident we have the solution you need.

LED is one of the latest innovations on the audio visual rental market, due to its sharp clarity and ability to make an impact. In an enclosed event environment, where grabbing attention in an instant is key, LED is one of the latest solutions with superb clarity; intense detail and a show-stopping design for presentations, videos, branded content and images.

Our LED has been sourced direct from partners in China with no middle-man, to ensure a strict quality-control process from conception to manufacture and delivery into our 40,000 square foot warehouse. We really care about the technology we deliver and that is why we use the LED we do – high-quality, stunning display and pixel-perfect resolution even when audiences are located in close proximity to the screen.