LED screen hire for your events

2.5mm Smart AV P2 HD LED

With a 2.5mm pixel pitch his is the ultimate high resolution solution for event, exhibition and conference environments. With our P2HD LED product, it’s possible to achieve a full HD resolution with just 13 SQM of LED, or true 4K with just 52 SQM.

 Best for: high-end exhibition stands, conference sets, flown banners, presentations, events, experiential, awards, shop windows.

New! 2.6mm Smart AV P2 Creative LED

This high-resolution 2.6mm LED is the most diverse product on the market yet. Get true flexibility within your design, by creating a flat, edge or curve display – or why not use all three at once? With the 3 in 1 LED, there are no limits on your creativity.

 Best for: high-end exhibition stands, conference sets, awards, shop windows.

2.8mm Smart AV P2 LED

The 2.8mm P2 LED creates an ultra-HD resolution display that takes viewing beyond traditional LED displays. Robust enough for use within an exhibition, event and conference environment the P2 LED invites viewers close to the screen, while retaining high-resolution clarity.

 Best for: exhibition stands and environments, conferences, presentations, film & TV work, product launches, shop windows.

3.9mm LED screen hire

The latest LED for hire at events and exhibitions has a pixel pitch of just 3.9mm, creating videowalls and a large format screen with a picture which retains the same sharp clarity up-close, as it does from far away.

 Best for: conferences, exhibition stands, events, pop-ups, fashion shows, retail, PoS, visual merchandising, digital sets, corporate parties

3.9mm Smart CURVE LED

The new Smart CURVE high-resolution LED for hire with a pixel pitch of just 3.9mm. With a revolutionary cabinet structure, this new LED is able to curve in both convex and concave formation, to make waves, create curves and clad columns.

 Best for: exhibition experiences, pop-ups, flown displays, video banners, displayboards, digital sets

3.9mm Smart EDGE LED

The new smart-edge LED panels exclusive to our fleet were sourced as a bespoke solution from China and can be used in any formation to create a right-angled or edged design.

 Best for: experiential events, retail, exhibitions, pop-ups, brand activation campaigns, product launches

5.9mm Smart CURVE indoor & outdoor LED

The latest innovation on the LED rental market is indoor and outdoor curved LED. This solution has a resolution of 5.9mm, allowing viewers to experience perfect clarity even when located in close proximity to the screen.

 Best for: experiential events, festivals, brand activation campaigns, exhibitions, stand displays, conferences, digital sets, launch campaigns

5.9mm outdoor LED screen hire

Outdoor LED is a dynamic way to display content, advertising, video and live feeds around an event concourse, attracting eyeballs from far away and providing a pixel-perfect experience when visitors are located in close proximity to the screen.

 Best for: outdoor events, mobile screen hire, festivals, pop-ups, secret cinema, retail environments, concerts

6mm Smart FLEX LED

The new 6mm FLEXI LED panels are built as modular flexi tiles which hold together in a magnetic mechanism, allowing you to create fully curved formations.

With a pixel pitch of just 6mm, the FLEXI LED is able to retain sharp clarity, even when visitors are located in close proximity to the screen. Able to display HD and ultra-HD content, which delivers high contrast and incredibly dense black levels.

 Best for: spheres, domes, prisms and other creative installations that require a small, flexible panel.

7.8mm LED flooring for hire

The 7.8mm LED flooring is extremely durable with high- resolution display. With a weight-bearing limit of 1,200kgs per square metre, the 7.8mm LED can withstand the weight of an SUV or car, making it durable enough for high-intensity environments. A modular floor with the ability to provide eyecatching video floorscapes. Ideal for promotional stands, exhibitions, product launches and conference arrangements. With a pixel pitch of just 7.8mm, this is an LED flooring solution that can be used in environments where visitors are standing directly above or on top of the screen.